FOCAL - Forward Calorimeter

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This page should contain information about the Focal project, especially about the interfacing from the Mimosa chips to the readout electronics.


Simple description of the Alice Focal readout electronics.

Mimosa chips

Readout electronics

Adapterboard /Fanoutboard

The adapterboard and fan-out boards provide LVDS interfaces and JTAG interfaces between the Control and Read-out board and the Mimosa ASICs. Here is the schematics of the boards.

Control and Readout board

The idea is to use a Xilinx Virtex 6 development board as a first prototype. The board will run Petalinux, and some software to access the firmware registers. A software framework for the TPC detector is to be adapted for the use on the Virtex 6 board and Petalinux.


The VHDL counterpart is to be found here:


Readout software

Report by Tony