XJTAG for new prototypes

From ift

To make an automated test setup for a new prototype pcb, a few things are needed.

  • Cable from XJlink to fit the prototype board. From 2x10 pin ribbon cable connector to TAP connection on the PCB. Pins 1,2,4 & 20 are reserved for VCC, NC, GND & GND on the XJlink. The rest is configurable.
  • Netslist of the prototype circuit, for fast setup of XJDeveloper. This can be omitted, but having a netlist will make things faster and easier.
  • BSDL file for the JTAG equipped IC's on the pcb. This is needed to set up the JTAG chain for the XJDeveloper.
  • XJTAG also provides a .h file for interfacing drivers with C

links to api: XJAPI.h XJAPI docs