Spice deck

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LTspice file:Spice file (Rename to spice.asc after downloading) Select output node after running simulation and change the vertical scale to volts to see output level. Choose View->Spice Error Log to view operating point.

Common Source gain stage, max gain
* Analysis and design of analog integrated circuits
* Problem 3.4
* NB ! Model level 1 only - Similar to hand calcualtions
* Voltage
*	from	to	volts

* Transistor
*	Drain	Gate	Source	Bulk
MN1	Out	In	GND	GND	nmos W=10u L=1u

* Load Resistor and Capacitor
*	from	to	ohms
RD	VDD	Out	5k
Cl	Out	GND	0.1p

* Voltage source
*	from	to	volts
VI	In	GND	DC 1.281 AC 1

* Models
.model nmos nmos (level=1 VT0=0.6 KP=200u LAMBDA=0)
* Setup
*.options nomod nopage
*.width OUT=80
*.connect GND 0
* Simulation and Plots
*.TF V(Out) VI
.ac dec 10 1k 100.0e9
* Amplitude Bode Plot
.plot ac vdb(Out)
* Phase Bode Plot
.plot ac vp(Out)