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SAMPA MPW1 Registers

Channel specific registers

These are registers specific to each channel. By using a broadcast command, all channels can be written at the same time.

Register name Address Type Default value Description
K1 [12:0] 0x00 RW 0x00 [12:0] First pole of the TCFU
K2 [12:0] 0x01 RW 0x00 [12:0] Second pole of the TCFU
K3 [12:0] 0x02 RW 0x00 [12:0] Third pole of the TCFU
K4 [12:0] 0x03 RW 0x00 [12:0] Fourth pole of the TCFU
L1 [12:0] 0x04 RW 0x00 [12:0] First zero of the TCFU
L2 [12:0] 0x05 RW 0x00 [12:0] Second zero of the TCFU
L3 [12:0] 0x06 RW 0x00 [12:0] Third zero of the TCFU
L4 [12:0] 0x07 RW 0x00 [12:0] Fourth zero of the TCFU
ZSTHR [19:0] 0x08 RW 0x0A [9:0] Zero suppression threshold
RW 0x00 [19:10] Zero suppression offset
ZSCFG [6:0] 0x09 RW 0x02 [1:0] Glitch filter, minimum accepted pulse
RW 0x07 [4:2] Post-samples
RW 0x03 [6:5] Pre-samples
VFPED [19:0] 0x0A RW 0x00 [9:0] BC1 Fixed pedestal
R 0x00 [19:10] BC1 variable pedestal
CTE [9:0] 0x0B RW 0x00 [9:0] Channel specific noise
PMDTA [9:0] 0x0C RW 0x00 [9:0] Data to be stored in the pedestal memory

Global registers

These are global registers and does not accept broadcast commands.

Register name Address Type Default value Description
PMADD [9:0] 0x0D RW 0x00 [9:0] Pedestal memory address
BC2THR [19:0] 0x0E RW 0x03 [8:0] Lower threshold of moving average filter
RW 0x03 [17:9] Higher threshold of moving average filter
RW 0x01 [19:18] Number of taps in moving average filter
TRCFG [19:0] 0x0F RW 0x00 [7:0] Number of pre-samples (Pretrigger delay), max 191
RW 0x3FD [17:8] Number of samples per event, max 1021
DPCFG [11:0] 0x10 RW 0x00 [3:0] BC1 mode, see ALTRO manual
RW 0x00 [4] BC1 polarity
RW 0x07 [6:5] BC2 pre-samples
RW 0x07 [10:7] BC2 post-samples
RW 0x01 [1] BC2 moving average filter enable
VACFG [7:0] 0x11 RW 0x00 [1:0] Number of neighbors, not in use
RW 0x01 [3:2] Number of serial out, see table 1.5
RW 0x00 [4] Pedestal mode enabled (zero suppression threshold 0)
RW 0x01 [5] Power save mode enabled
RW 0x00 [6] TCFU enabled
RW 0x01 [7] Continuous mode enabled
BC1THR [13:0] 0x12 RW 0x03 [4:0] Lower threshold of variable pedestal filter
RW 0x03 [9:5] Higher threshold of variable pedestal filter
RW 0x01 [13:10] Number of taps in variable pedestal filter
TRCNT [15:0] 0x13 R 0x00 [15:0] Trigger count
HWADD [4:0] 0x14 R 0x00 [4:0] Chip address (hardware address)
ERRORS [5:0] 0x15 R 0x00 [0] Parity error in received instruction
R 0x00 [1] Instruction error
R 0x00 [2] Trigger overlap
R 0x00 [3] SEU in MMU SM (not implemented)
R 0x00 [4] SEU in interface SM (not implemented)
BXCNT [19:0] 0x16 R 0x00 [19:0] Bunch crossing counter

Command registers

These are command registers and can only be written to. The value doesn’t matter as only the access is detected.

Register name Address Type Description
SWTRG 0x1B W Software trigger (not implemented)
TRCLR 0x1C W Clear trigger counter
ERCLR 0x1D W Clear errors
BXCLR 0x1E W Clear bunch crossing counter
SRST 0x1F W Software reset