How to run the RCU - DRORC - Busybox setup

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How to run the RCU - DRORC - Busybox setup

This shall be a step by step introduction on how to operate the setup and test Busybox firmware. For now this will be a collection of the necessary steps, but in a later stage the configuration part will become more automated.

You need access to the following systems: - DRORC PC - RCU - Busybox - Local trigger unit (LTU)

Setting up the system and getting ready to take data:

More general stuff

  1. Log into the Drorc machine as the date user.
  2. Log into the LTU: "ssh -X ltu@vme1".
  3. Log into the RCU dcs board: "ssh dcs0031".
  4. Log into the Busybox DCS board: "ssh dcs0055".
  5. Start the infoBrowser on the drorc machine with the command "infoBrowser".

Configuring the RCU

On the RCU, execute the script /etc/boot/ This does several things: - turning on the Front End Cards - Setting the correct L2 Latency - Switching to LTU trigger

Then, as the date user from the drorc machine, execute the alias 'conf-fec'. This configures the RCU and FECs via the DDL for Data readout, but unfortunately also for Software triggers.

Therefore, execute the script on the dcs0031 once again.

LTU stuff

On the LTU, execute 'vmecrate ltu'. This should pop up two windows on your machine. In the ltu window, click on Configuration-> TTCInit, and then Configuration->LTUInit. Click on 'CTP Emulator' to open the CTP Emulator window. Click on 'click here to choose sequence', and choose the 'L2a.seq'. Don't forget to click 'Load sequence'.

Sending triggers: After you clicked on 'start emulation' you can send triggers in two ways: - Single triggers, for this just click on 'Generate SW Start signal(s)'. - Or triggers with a certain rate. For this, click on 'not selected' and choose BC. You can switch the BC downscaling hex value to a decimal value by right clicking on the value. Rates can also be entered in a more convenient manner than the downscaling factor:

BC downscaling factor is an integer number (32 bits) giving the number of BCs (25ns) between 2 triggers.
0 -> BC rate (40 Mhz)
1 -> 40/2 Mhz rate
4000-> generate 1 Start signal per 100 micsecs

or use: s (seconds, ms (miliseconds, us (microseconds), for period or:
hz (hertz), khz (kilohertz), mhz (megahertz) for rate.
3s -> 3 seconds
10 ms -> 10 miliseconds period
3 khz -> 3 khz rate

After each change of this value, you have to press Enter (or move the mouse cursor out of the testbox). You can see the changed value in the status window.

Busybox stuff

From the busybox DCS board, you find some bitfiles to program and setup the Busybox under: /mnt/kjekspc7/rbo021/busybox_files. You can program the busybox with the script: ./program busybox_fpga1.bit busybox_fpga2.bit

If you omit the second bitfile, a dummy bitfile is used and only 1 FPGA programmed.

Datataking with date

  1. Start date from the drorc machine as date user with the command: 'startdate'.
  2. Take the lock by clicking on the white open lock symbol.
  3. Click on the right arrows until the 'Ready to start' is highlighted, and the button underneath is clickable.
  4. Click on Start processes. On the LDC display, the green icon should move down to the point 'Waiting start of data', and the LDC status display should reset its numbers, then show 2 Sub-events recorded. These are the Start of Run Events.
  5. Then press start.
  6. You then can send triggers from the LTU with the CTP emulator.
  7. The procedure is always: Start run, Start sending triggers, Stop sending triggers, Stop run.If you send triggers while there is no run, the Events remain in the RCU and are not being read out, which makes the run the stuck and the RCU will have to be reset. The Busybox has to be reset between each run anyway with the script.

Always make sure to release the lock before you close date, otherwise the drorc machine has to be rebooted.


The Date/LTU Window don't open

Make sure you have the '-X' in the ssh command.

The lock in date is red and I can't take it

Someone else has date opened and has the lock, or date was closed without releasing the lock first. Reboot the date machine.

There is an error message '1146' in the InfoBrowser

That's normal.

I want to see older messages in the InfoBrowser

Unhighlight the 'Online' on the lower right side, then press 'Query'.

How can I add another drorc equipment?

editDb on the drorc machine. After changing the database, you have to go back to the 'Disconnected Configuration' in the DAQ RunControl for the new values to get fetched from the database.

How is the physmem on the drorc machine set up?

  • alonegdc ipc 1000000 control,eventbuilder 2
  • aloneldc ipc 1048756 control,readoutReadyFifo 1
  • aloneldc ipc 1048756 readout 3
  • aloneldc ipc 1048756 readoutFirstLevelVectors 4
  • aloneldc ipc 1048756 readoutSecondLevelVectors 6
  • aloneldc physmem /dev/physmem1 524288000 readoutDataPages 7

Which equipements are needed?


  • EqId: 2
  • rorcRevision: 3
  • rorcSerialNb: 3006
  • rorcChannelNb: 0
  • dataSource: 0 (Fec)
  • mrorcId: 7 (for this one)