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  • SUSY scanner by Jan Lindroos


Submitted and yet not defended Phd Thesis

Defended PhD theses

  • Arshak Tonoyan - February 3rd 2012, Recreating the Top Quark: Commissioning and monitoring of the ATLAS Inner Detector and search for New Physics with heavy particles. File:Arshak Thesis.pdf
  • Peter Rosendahl - Searching for the Higgs Boson in Pairs of tau Leptons in Data from the ATLAS Experiment (October 2013). [2]
  • Therese Sjursen -Defended in June 2014, Search for Supersymmetry with Tau Leptons in Data from the ATLAS Experiment at the LHC. [[3]]
  • Alex Kastanas October 2014, defended 12/12/14 Monitoring and Measurements with the ATLAS Inner Detector and Search for Supersymmetry using ATLAS data, File:ThesisMain AlexKastanas.pdf
  • Jan Lindros, May 2016, Beyond the Standard Models in Particle Physics and Cosmology File:PhDthesis-jan-lindroos.pdf
  • Orjan Dale, June 2016, 24/06/2016 Searching for Dark Matter with the ATLAS and CTA Experiments File:PhDthesis Dale-1.pdf
  • Justas Zalieckas, 2016, Determination of the ratio of b-quark fragmentation fractions f_s/f_d and study of the Higgs boson production and couplings with the ATLAS detector in pp collisions. [
  • Steffen Mæland, April 2018, 'Pixel detector performance and study of CP invariance in H to tau tau decays with the ATLAS detector' [4]
  • Nikolai Fomin, 2020 "Searches for sbottom quarks decaying to SM Higgs in ATLAS Run 2 data" File:Nikolai-thesis-final.pdf

Defended Master theses

  • Kent-Olav Skjei - Atlas Detector Monitoring with Jets - Novmber 11th 2009 - File:Kent-Olav Skjei-Thesis.pdf File:Kent-Olav Skjei-MasterPresentation.pdf
  • Hilde Skjerdal - A Study of possible signatures for slow, heavily ionising particles in ATLAS
  • Maren Ugland - Measurement of the Bs mass in Bs -> J/ψφ -> μ+μ−K+K−, and physics validation with J/ψ events in ATLAS - September 25th 2008 - File:Maren Ugland-Master Thesis.pdf File:Thesis presentation.pdf
  • Alex Kastanas - Determination of invariant mass end-points in the mSUGRA coannihilation region - June 27th 2008 - File:Alex Kastanas-Master Thesis.pdf
  • Therese Sjursen - Search for SUSY signals with τ-leptons in the ATLAS detector - February 2008 - File:Therese Sjursen-Master Thesis.pdf
  • Øyvind Sætre - Construction, Testing and First Data Analysis with the Cosmic Ray Telescope - November 15th 2007 - File:Oyvind Saetre-Master Thesis.pdf
  • Kristine Helle- - June 1st 2010 -File:Thesis Helle.pdf
  • Anita Olausen- - June 1st 2010 - Måling av forholdet mellom ladning og masse for elektronet (not atlas)
  • Jørn H. Mæland- - June 1st 2010 -File:Thesis Maeland.pdf
  • Ørjan Svandal- - June 1st 2010 -File:Thesis Svandal.pdf
  • Alette Aasvold- A study of mass reconstruction in Z°→τ+τ- June 1st 2010 -File:Thesis aasvold.pdf
  • Orjan Dale - Master ThesisFile:Thesis orjan dale.pdf
  • Justas Zalieckas 2012: Observation of the decays B⁰_s -> J/psi phiphi and B⁰_s -> J/psi K^*0 in the ATLAS detector
  • Steffen Mæland 2013: Study of the Bc meson properties with the ATLAS experiment
  • Muhammad Saddique Inam- The ATLAS and LHC ugrades. Some silicon pixel resuts, and study of possible graviton production. (June 2013)
  • Mayasa H Rashed August 2013: Measurement of radon concentrations and temperature profiles in boreholes (not Atlas)
  • Agnethe Seim Olsen - Master Thesis, Reaching Towards Higher Masses of Supersymmetric Particles Decaying to Tau Leptons, August 2014 [[5]]
  • Simen Hellesund - June 1st 2016 . File:MasterSimenHellesund.pdf Search for lepton flavour violating H → μτ Higgs decays at 13 TeV
  • Magne Lauritzen - June 14th 2017 . File:MagneLauritzenMasters.pdf A Silicon Photomultiplier Based Readout System For A Cosmic Muon Telescope; Design And Implementation. The manal is here File:Manual CRT.pdf
  • Andreas Heggelund - June 14th 2017 - [[6]] Analysis of 3D Pixel Detectors for the ATLAS Inner Tracker Upgrade.
  • Are Træet - Sept 8th 2017. Study on viability of Gain Stabilization of SiPMs and determination of b-quark fragmentation fraction ratio fc/fu in pp collisions at sqrt(s) = 13 TeV. File:MasterAssignment-Are.pdf
  • Erlend Aakvaag, December 2020 . Search for Dark Matter produced in association with a Higgs boson decaying to tau leptons at √s = 13 TeV with the ATLAS detector [[7]]
  • Wai Chun Leung: A Setup for Testing of Silicon Pixel Modules for the ITk Tracker in the ATLAS Experiment at CERN, June 2021. File:Master thesis Wai Chun.pdf
  • Tor Gunnar Hagen: A Search for the Higgs Boson in decays to e+e- using data from the ATLAS detector (June 2021) [[8]]
  • Rasmus Brekke: A study of mass reconstruction in Higgs to mu mu (June 2021) [[9]]
  • Sigurd Riis Haugen: Reconstruction of Charged Particle Tracks in Simulated Test Beams (August 2021).
  • Wai Kit Leung: Search for squarks in events with jets, hadronically decaying τ -lepton, and missing transverse momentum

in the final state in proton-proton collision at s = 13 TeV with the ATLAS detector (September 2021) [[10]]

  • Some older atlas theses may be found here: [[11]]

public presentations which are not in indico .. ===

  • Steffen Maeland, Inga Strumke, machine learning to search for 2HDM, File:2hdmML.pdf